Terms & Conditions

It is assumed that when using this website (‘fruit-temptation.co.uk’) and ordering products or services the customer agrees to these terms and conditions. The website may be used for private and personal (non-commercial) use only. No endorsement is given and no responsibility can be taken for content within websites that may be linked to this website which are provided for your information only.


All pages containing graphic design and text are the property of Fruit Temptation and may not be reproduced without our written consent.

Ordering and Payment

We will make contact confirming your order by e mail or telephone within 24 hours. The order will not be processed until payment has been received. Payment may be made online or at our premises using PayPal by at least 1pm prior to the day of delivery. The prices are shown on our website, with promotional discount if applicable.

Privacy Policy

We will only use your name and contact details to confirm an online order, or notify you of special offers or promotions should you sign up for them. Strict security measures will be taken to protect any details held by Fruit Temptation for promotional purposes and they will never be given to a third party without prior consent. Any debit or credit card details used for an online or telephone payment will be destroyed when the transaction is complete. If you have any concern’s please contact us.

Product and Allergy awareness

We will endeavour to replicate a product shown on our website as close as possible but please note that pots, ribbons and fruit can change due to availability. In the event that the specification changes slightly from the order please be aware that we will ensure goods are supplied equal to or in excess of the order value.

The bouquets contain skewers and cellophane. Please ensure children are supervised when dismantling and eating to avoid injury and that goods are disposed of responsibly. Fruit Temptation cannot be held responsible for any injury arising from handling or consumption of our products.

No preservatives or additives are present in our products. All bouquets are made where MILK and SOYA lecithin may be handled

For specific information pertaining to delivery of our products please refer to the ‘Delivery’ page.